a bit about the importance of the Coco 66 show

My parents always took me to the library. My mom would get the books, my dad would get the Jamaican beef patties and I would sit in our purple Ford Windstar with a stack of new reads on my lap, devouring a delicious patty that was as big as my little face.

In the springtime, my dad and I would walk home from school and visit the Richmond Hill Library on Lefferts Boulevard and Hillside Ave on the way home.

This morning I read an article in my local paper about a severe budget cut that drastically struck the Richmond Hill Library. Last year, the library received $25K in funding and this year they received $7K. This money is primarily used to buy new books for the branch. 

Richmond Hill is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Queens, and the library offers ESL classes for children and their parents. The Richmond Hill Library also promotes neighborhood safety, offers free art and literature programs and encourages our children to develop a love for art, literature and learning. Sitting gracefully on a beautiful intersection, the library rests by an award-winning rose garden with the J train’s silhouette looming behind it. The library serves about 150 families daily and I am happy to say that my family, friends and I have been truly affected by this library for many years.

In order to write, you must read! I love songwriting. I am addicted to words, the way different words have tension when placed beside each other and the textures/colors that words bring to the canvas of a song. I am blessed that music and songwriting is taking me far in life, and is getting me through college. I love learning and that’s all because of my parents and community institutions like the library.

On May 9th, I will be playing my last show in the United States before leaving to play in Paris, France in support of the first feature film I scored “Swim Little Fish Swim”. After that trip, I will be all over Europe and parts of the Middle East on the Social Music Tour with Jon Batiste and The Stay Human Band until school starts up again in August.

I will be donating half of my ticket sales to the Richmond Hill Library

I sincerely hope you can all make it out!!

All love!!!! 

Candace Lee Camacho

First Lady:
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